Fear and Loathing in Athas

Thri-Kreen on the Run

After leading a rebellion in the slave camp five Thri-Kreen managed to escape from the clutches of their overlords. with little in the way of supplies they left the forced labor camp they had known and ventured out into the Arthasian wastes. It was there that they were ambushed by Kranks. With they strong carapaces of the soldiers they proved to be a difficult task for the adventurers to over come, but eventually the soldiers were dispatched with relatively minor harm to the companions, leaving two spitters to deal with at the beginning of next week.

Pre Campaign

The First session is Sunday July 8th. That should be sufficient time for everyone to come up with a decent background/history, and reason for why you are in Balic. Once that has been established I will work with each of you to give more reasons and plot points so we can work together to create a strong role for your character in the party. I do not want anyone to be just there; I want everyone to be involved with what is going on.

Equipment will be provided to the contestants pending they make it past the first free for all round, in which everyone is given a club and nothing else, and the contestants are told only six will be left standing and they will become the last team for the tournament.


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