Half-Orcs (The Lost Tribes)

During the Cleansing Wars, orcs were hunted down to extinction. Uyness, the 5th Champion of Rajaat, believed she had cleansed every last drop orc blood from Athas. While it was true that there were no more orcs left alive, a tincture of orc blood still thrived. Uyness had neglected the numbers of half-breeds that were still roaming the land. Before anyone realized what was going on, some tribes of Half-Orcs disappeared into the Forest Ridge. It was believed they’d never be seen again.

In recent days, mysterious humanoid shapes have been seen skirting the edges of the Forest Ridge. It was discovered that these were indeed members of the Lost Tribes of the Half-Orcs who entered the Forest Ridge.

These are a broken people. The Forest Ridge is home to many dangerous creatures, not the least of which are the cannibalistic Halflings. The unsavory truth is that the Halflings began preying on the Half-Orcs. The Half-Orcs, in desperation, made arrangements with the Halflings that the weakest members of the tribes are killed, and then these sacrifices are given to the Halflings to keep them from hunting the Half-Orcs indiscriminantly. They hate Halflings with extreme prejudice, but are easily intimidated by them.

In terms of biology, these Half-Orcs breed true. When two Half-Orcs mate, the offspring is always a Half-Orc. If a Half-Orc mates with a Human, there’s about an equal chance of the offspring being either Human or Half-Orc.

Half-Orcs (The Lost Tribes)

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