Undead are easy to find in a world where death hides in every shadow. The city of Bodach is teeming with all manner of reanimated monsters. Occasionally, although rarely, when the spirit of a murdered intelligent creature comes in contact with the necromantic energies of Bodach, and the force of will is great enough, the creature can form a new body. They are called Revenants.

All Revenants either come from Bodach or the surrounding area. Nowhere else in Athas is the concentration of necromantic energy quite so strong. Other undead in Bodach pay no mind to the Revenants, either because they are recognized as fellow undead, or because there are so few of them that they pose no real threat. Something drives Revnants to leave Bodach, and though many don’t realize it at first, the force that drives them is the unconscious need to avenge their own deaths. The question of whether or not they live on after vengeance is theirs really depends on the individual Revenant’s sense of retribution. Some consider their work to be done, and fade away into the sand. Others work to leave nothing of their killer or their killer’s operations behind. Still, others see themselves in grander terms as the embodiment of justice. This last group of Revenants can live on indefinitely, as long as there are wrongs to be righted. Lpi

The toughest part of all, of course, is for each individual to try to remember how they came back in the first place.

Some Revenants could be counted among the races that went extinct during the Cleansing Wars, and as such, have little knowledge of the world as it is now. This gives these Revenants a distinct disadvantage dealing with the world as it is now.

The flesh of Athasian Revenants frequently bears the effects of the wind and sand swept landscape. As a result, Revenants are rarely seen without some kind of facial covering, often a porcelain death-mask or something similar. This is as much for appearance as it is to prevent further damage.


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